Mediation tools and actions


The Mining Basin Mission is in charge of managing inscription jointly with the state. It is not in a position to single-handedly transmit the knowledge and values needed to sustain the label. It can however encourage mediation stakeholders working directly with the general public and cultural structures, Tourist Information Offices, local museums, media libraries and teachers, and foster relations among these players. All benefit from support to develop tools suitable for their audience.

The Mining Basin Mission was able to discuss matters with many mediators at a day focussing on mediation on inscription as World Heritage. This first meeting was organised in Lens on 2 October 2014. The minutes of this day are available, as well as some tools catering to the general public :

> An easy-to-read pamphlet Mining Basin as World Heritage: « A human mark, an outstanding landscape ».


> Travelling exhibitions open to the general public can be loaned on request :


> Videos recounting the entire inscription adventure, for insights into its significance :